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Photo credit: The results of the Days of the Russian language were summed up in Zambia. Events dedicated to the holiday of Russian culture took place in the African country for a month, the Rossotrudnichestvo website reports. ...

30.06.2020 Subject: Community

Nabokov readings open on Tuesday, June 30, the website of the Year of Literature reports. The organizer of the traditional international scientific forum dedicated to Vladimir Nabokov is the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The conference will run until July 4. ...

30.06.2020 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: a shot from Little Humpbacked Horse The results of the competition dedicated to Soviet animation have been summed up in France. It was organized and conducted by the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Paris, the agency’s website reports. The competition...

29.06.2020 Subject: Culture


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Russia Day is celebrated on June 12. 30 years have passed since the signing of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. This date is especially symbolic on the eve of the constitutional vote. After all, amendments to the Basic Law are not only about social guarantees, the protection of labor rights and the distribution of powers between branches of government. They are also about Russia - about its national interests and values.
Amid coronavirus outbreak, America has been taken over by the Black Lives Matter movement that opposes violence against blacks. In various cities across the country, some protesters line up and march against police arbitrariness chanting the name of the deceased George Floyd, others trash shops and supermarkets, and overthrow monuments; there are also those who curse the rebels from the stands. Members of the Russian-speaking community of the United States have been both witnesses and hostages of this situation. We asked them to comment on current developments.
In May 2020, the Association of Russian Schools in the United States held its first meeting. The association was created by the Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots in the United States, together with the Rossinka cultural and educational center for Russian-speaking families in the Silicon Valley. We talked about the new organization and its goals with the president of Rossinka, the member of the United Nations Corps and United Nations Development Cooperation Council, Natalia Wenson. In 2020, she entered the list of top-100 most influential women in Silicon Valley, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal.
According to contemporaries of Alexander Pushkin, impression that his voice and laughter made on people was one of a kind. We have picked out some memories about meeting Pushkin in his lifetime.