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Sergey Vinogradov Elisabetta Fabbri. Photo courtesy of Vologda State University “I was astonished by power of the Vologda church, and its spirit,” said the famous Italian architect Elisabetta Fabbri having visited the dilapidated Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. While spending a few days in Vologda, the Master of Architecture, a member of the Venice Order of Architects and Conservation Professionals, the conservation architect of Teatro alla Scala and other opera houses in Italy, and the recipient of the presidential order supported the restoration of the church and gave valuable...

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The first Winter School of the Russian language was held for Japanese citizens at Pacific State University (Khabarovsk). At the request of students, the opening of the Winter School was timed to coincide with the Russian winter holiday - Maslenitsa. The students used their spare time to get acquainted with the sights of the Khabarovsk Territory. Photo credit: Pacific State University, which includes the Khabarovsk branch of the Asian-Pacific Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature, has been organizing educational and cultural events for Japanese citizens for...

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Irina Kirilina Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, the younger sister of Emperor Nicholas II, wrote in her memoirs: “…the only sovereign houses that were not related to the Romanovs were the Habsburgs, the Bourbons and the House of Braganza ...” Russian grand dukes used to marry foreign princesses, and princesses married rulers of other states. Here we will share how a daughter of Yaroslav the Wise became the Queen Consort of France, a granddaughter of Catherine the Great ruled in Weimar and participated in the Congress of Vienna, and a niece of Alexander of Russia was appointed as the regent in Greece. ...

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Svetlana Smetanina Ekaterina Burvikova, a teacher of Russian from the USA, came up with an unorthodox method for teaching Russian as a foreign language. She teaches her students through Instagram. Recently, she shared her method with colleagues from other countries at a conference on Russian language, which was held in Pskov. During her interview with the Russkiy Mir, she told how to motivate nowadays students to learn Russian. – Your report at the conference on Russian language in Pskov was "Using Instagram in teaching RFL at the elementary level." Tell us please about the method - how effective is it?...

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Svetlana Alekseeva The world of sports, and not only sports, was shocked by the expected and yet unexpected news - Maria Sharapova officially announced her retirement from tennis, which she dedicated 28 out of nearly 33 years of her life to. It is inconceivable, but probably really enough. Even if Maria has not been in the top ten or even in the top hundred for quite a while, she will forever stay in the history of women's tennis as one of its most prominent players. Once Nick Bollettieri, the founder and head of the famous tennis school in Florida, which brought up twelve World’s number ones, including Maria...

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Sakhira Nazarova Photo by the author At the end of August last year, 17 teachers from the Russian Federation came to work in the Osh city, Kyrgyzstan. The strict selection had been conducted before, to choose applicants from different parts of the country. It has been the first trip abroad for many of them, and it has to last for one year. Marina Petrova, Natalia Sakharova and Marina Zaichenko, three of the teachers, shared with us about their work in schools with different languages of tuition, about things they like and those that require improvements. There are 78 schools in Osh. More than three thousand teachers work...

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Photo credit: Moscow has resumed flights to return Russian citizens to their homeland, the website states. On Monday, April 6, two planes took the Russians out of Bishkek and Dhaka. 35 people arrived from the capital of Kyrgyzstan on a... .
Photo credit: RSL teachers from France, Spain, Greece, Poland, Serbia and Cyprus took part in the first online conference called “Distance Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language under Quarantine”. The conference was organized by the Russian... .
Photo credit: The Doctor Chekhov online project, launched by the Sovremennik Theater after the work of the theaters was suspended due to the coronavirus infection, has become worldwide. According to a representative of Sovremennik, videos with recordings of... .
Photo credit: Flickr / madcowk A monument in honor of Russian military experts may be installed in Italy. The initiative was taken by representatives of the Leo Tolstoy Independent Cultural Association operating in Mulazzano (the Northern part of Italy), RIA Novosti... .
Photo credit: Public Diplomacy Association A documentary about the celebration of the Victory Day by Istanbul residents in different years will be created in Turkey. This was told to Russkiy Mir by the coordinator of the Immortal Regiment action and head of the Public Diplomacy... .